Hasta la Vista

Windows Vista will not completely replace Windows XP – that’s for sure!

When I bought my new laptop with Windows Vista Basic installed in it (about a year ago), I was very hopeful that this would bring about change in the way I do computer stuff from word processing to presentations. And it did! The user interface was definitely a plus point for Vista. The sophisticated visual style is fit for the modern age. A lot of features were added ushering an easier way of accessing files and images. The folder view wherein you can actually see its content without opening it became very useful. In terms of the Office versions, I needed to master some tools and familiarize myself with the new view style. In fact, during the time I acquired Vista, majority of the computers were still using XP’s, so the file extensions (.docx, .pptx, etc) cannot be opened in other computers. In the end, I found my presentations look better. But the new additions were not all that useful. In fact, it made the processing slow.

I hate it when the circular ring cursor (replacement of the hourglass cursor) appears. It signals the start of a very long wait – much like a ‘hang.’ When you open several programs at a time, the computer processing becomes slower. I tried deleting some files and removing some programs (such as games) with the idea that my laptop would run faster, but it didn’t. For now, I have to settle for Windows Vista as long as I can manage it. The major thing I hate about Vista is that it tests your patience. No wonder Microsoft has extended the commercial lifespan of XP up to 2014.

A website has been made for those Vista-haters (www.BadVista.com). I’m glad that Windows XP is installed in my office PC or else I have to wait for that cursor ring to finish ‘thinking’ before I proceed to another task.