Heat Stroke and More

Summer’s heat strikes again – and it reached 37.5 degrees last May 3 (if I heard the news right). I owe a lot to the air-conditioning units in school and in my bedroom . Whenever I walk by the streets of Padre Noval, I feel like being fried alive by the sun’s rays. I cannot even open my eyes widely because of the blinding light. I bet that the rainy days will be worse this coming June/July because of this year’s summer heat.

The past three days has been virtual days for me. My laptop has just been reformatted and now, I’m enjoying the perks of burning CD’s once again. Everyday, I was required to be online. Thanks to the online virtual classroom provided for us by our Math professor. Then, at last, I found time to manage all my online accounts: friendster, berkzter, myspace, pinoyexchange and even the UST E-leap. I changed all the passwords and now I feel a little secured.

Just as I was feeling a little secured, Trojan Spyware attacked! Whoa! Icons popped up my screen and I can’t delete them. The solution? System Restore! And my problem was solved. I hate those wicked people who are making those spywares.

The O.C.What else did I do this week? Well, I had a taste of the new Pepsi Fire and Ice (it tasted well, but I still prefer Pepsi Blue). I am also religiously attending my Trigonometry Summer Classes. I recently served as an emcee for my former classmate’s debut (the second time i hosted one). Finally, until now, I’m still having this LSS (Last Song Syndrome). The songs ‘Tell Me Where It Hurts’ and ‘First Day Funk’ keeps lurching around my senses and I’m hearing voices (is that normal?).

By the way, I just got hooked on ‘The O.C.’. and I love the new UST website. What a good revamp!