That Green Ball and Formula One

My parents were the ones who first introduced me to the world of international tennis opens when I was about 11 years old. I can still recall that afternoon when my mom and dad were both cheering in front of the TV set for Steffi Graf during the French Open when she fought against Monica Seles. Well, that was not actually the first time I knew about tennis. In fact, my grandfather would bring home some tennis balls whenever he comes home from the US. I didn’t play tennis; the only thing I did with those little green balls my grandpa gave me was throw them off the wall and catch them as they bounce back. But during that fateful day of Graf vs. Seles, my parents would explain the history of tennis, mention surnames I can barely pronounce, and start conversations on Wimbledon, French, US and Australian opens. Since then, I became interested in tennis, although I may not be a die-hard fan, but I feel amazed whenever tennis players would exert a lot of effort swinging their rackets and blurting out a loud grunt whenever they hit that green ball.

Earlier this year I encountered the name of Rafael Nadal in one of his good fights against Novak Djokovic. Last June 8, I enjoyed watching the French Open where Nadal was able to defeat Roger Federer in a historic 6-1, 6-3, 6-0 win which makes him equally-placed with legendary Bjorn Borg. Nadal is truly Spain’s pride. His strong hits challenged Federer that he himself was amazed by his opponent’s performance. For now, one of my ultimate wishes is to watch a Wimbledon game live. Maybe someday, I can also play the game if I am given the time because the tennis court is just about 3 blocks away from our house.


At last, a national broadsheet (Manila Bulletin – June 11, 2008 ) featured Marlon Stockinger the only Filipino formula 1 trainee of BMW. The amazing fact about him is that he’s only seventeen. I first read about him in C! Magazine which I usually read in the office as part of my routine. My job is generally inclined to the automotive industry and BMW is one of our company’s affiliates that is why I became interested in Stockinger’s life. At an early age, his talent has grown from go-kart racing to professional racing which earned him titles in the Philippines and abroad.

“If it doesn’t come from you or your heart, it’s going to be hard to follow,” he said. This quote struck me most. It’s true that most of us should follow Stockinger’s ideals. His website: