Meeting Mentors

MentorIs there anything more rewarding than imparting knowledge to other people? It may sound absurd but don’t be naive (… sing that line if you want Superman!) When I was young, I really wanted to be a teacher *take note: when I was young* and I even had my blackboard, my lesson plan, and my own bunch of younger kids whom I was able to deceive. Today, our class – 2Bio-4/2D – became acquainted with new professors who were *as usual* very much unique from one another.

One whole year in college has given me an idea (if not a full glimpse) of some types of professors and I am very happy to share my observations. Here are the TYPES OF PROFS (at least 5) with their positive (+) and negative (-) sides:

1. Newbie
+ These are the young, usually single, sexy/hunky teachers who are fresh from the Graduate School. In a university with high standards (such as, ehemm, UST?) these newbies already have an MA after their name. They are the ones who can ‘connect’ with students, make jokes (usually corny) and smile often.
– Some of them lacks the ability to control the class. They always ask a student (usually the class president) to do this and that. They have credibility but students can’t see that.

2. Cool (with a question mark)
+ These are the teachers who are “young-at-heart.” Despite of their age, they are using laptops and state-of-the-art cellphones, watch Telenovelas, play soccer (does it ring a bell?), read magazines and can relate to the fads and crazes of today’s generation.
– They give in to what the class wants (I think that’s positive) and… it’s just weird to see them trying to be “cool.” Plus, they are just obsessed with using PowerPoint presentations ALL THE TIME.

+ These are the so-called ‘institutions’ of the College. They have the MD, PhD and EdD after their names. They look very knowledgable and they usually don’t need a book in teaching (duh! after more than a decade of teaching, who needs one?) They are reliable and you can throw almost any question (class, species, phylum, etc!)
– Just don’t ask ’em what’s the #1 song in the US Billboard charts today.

4. Terrorist
+/- The moment this prof enters, you just can’t help but feel very cold, your hands start to shake, and you typically become terrorized. These are popular teachers who have a different way of handling students. They just love scaring students, humiliating them or failing them! (Now for me, that’s negative) but then, they have the right (some of them) because they really have good teaching skills. They are just born that way I guess… You know what I’m talking about

5. All-in-one
+ They are the ones we consider as “OK profs.” Students learn from them a lot – both about the subject and its application. Sometimes, they share their experiences and insert them in lessons from time to time. They love students and students love them.
– They are rare!

UST Main BuildingI know that in the near future, I will encounter more types of Professors. Whatever their kind is, I salute all of them. It is a fact that UST College of Science has the finest professors among the undergraduate courses in the university (Alright, I’m biased… Honestly, the Varsitarian research shows that Sci is second to Nursing in terms of the number of teachers with PhD/MA/MD…) I cannot find a perfect professor that will fit all my needs. All I can do is be thankful for having the honor of being molded by these brilliant minds in the older-than-Harvard University of Santo Tomas.Go USTe!

PS: Thanks Aika Lenon for introducing me to Great Teacher Onizuka.