Of Strikes and John Robert Powers

Still groggy, I reached for the remote control and turned on the TV. “I’ve Had The Time of My Life,” the theme song from Dirty Dancing was playing on MTV while I hurriedly took off for a shower in preparation for today’s classes which I am expecting to begin two hours from that moment. On the contrary, this day WAS NOT the time of my life. I dashed to the kitchen to heat some pre-cooked meals.

Ten minutes before my class should’ve started, I was rushing – passed the UST Chapel, the Botanical Garden, the Main Building – I was just strides away from the AB/Commerce building where I am taking up my summer classes when I heard someone said: “Afternoon classes are suspended because of the PUV strike!”


I hate it when I’m already prepared, dressed up, and just a stone’s throw from where I must be and then I’m pushed to head back where I came from in a matter of seconds. Isn’t there any other way by which public utility vehicles can show their grievances? Why do they have to mess up other people’s lives?

Moving on, I have this friend of mine who enrolled at John Robert Powers (a known personality development center.) I was so surprised that the enrollment fee reached more than Php 95,000.00 for 20 days of classes (some course packages even amount to Php 350,000.00.) What the heck are they teaching in these institutions?

005_jrp.jpgInterestingly, I asked this friend of mine to discuss some of the things they’re doing. From the looks of it, I can see that my friend’s fashion sense improved – that may be a proof that it”s worth it. My friend also told me that you will meet television stars and models, aside from the fact that they will boost your self confidence, let you take modeling and wardrobe lessons, and teach you more than just the basics of etiquette

It looks like I’m endorsing JRP now! Anyway, I’ll just wait here until my wallet produces hundreds of thousands of pesos.