When a bachelor plans a bachelorette’s party

It’s my co-worker’s shower party and being the only guy among the yuppies in our office, I was tasked to do some odd assignments such as decorating the room, preparing the playlist, and looking for the ‘special guy’ to spice up the night.

This was a ‘first’ for me.

Here are some tips on how to throw a shower party for any bride-to-be:

10. Everyone must be sworn to secrecy so as not to spoil the bride’s excitement. Or else, say goodbye to ‘blindfolds.’
9. Have everything prepared at least two weeks before the event. In any event, planning is everything.
8. Limit the number of participants. A smaller group is more comfortable to be with.
7. Choose a venue that will make everyone feel at ease. Ensure that the venue (i.e. hotel/room) will not make your visitors uneasy or have that ‘awkward’ feeling.
6.  Be careful in choosing ‘the guy.’ Privacy should be considered a priority.
5. Follow a budget. It doesn’t matter how simple your party is. Just make sure that everyone enjoys the night.
4. Prepare a program. Assign a person who will facilitate the games and limit it to around 2 hours.
3. Set the mood by choosing the right mix of party music and have some reserved videos ready to be played to break the ice.
2.  Be careful with camera shots. Choose the photos that would go ‘public’ because shower parties are considered as private events.
1.  Don’t forget the part wherein each one gives a ‘message’ or ‘advise’ for the future bride. This is the essence of the whole event.

After helping out in planning out this party, I just realized I’m not getting any younger.  Best wishes to the future Ara B. de Leon!