Dropped by

Shakey’s V-LeagueIt’s the game of the season for college volleyball. A friend of mine invited me to watch one game in Makati – UST vs. La Salle… and for some reason, this was far too hot to handle. Both universities are vying for the top spot in this volleyball league sponsored by Shakey’s. A couple of ‘deuces’ afterwhich the game ended up ‘not-so-well’ for me because my school (UST) lost. But it was a good fight (it’s normal to defend your camp isn’t it?) Well, after that very exciting game (not to mention the fervent cheers of Thomasians), me and my friend Camille went straight to Taft Avenue (to meet another friend, Fatima, and another unexpected new guy named JC [Cuadrado] – say it loud and proud: Showbiz #1! Wazzup Wazzup hehehe…)

Both my companions were my pals since high school and as usual, we used this ‘just dropped by’ moment to catch up and exchange latest news regarding ourselves and our batchmates. It only took a 30 minute meal London 2012at Red Ribbon for us to reminisce the past, savor the present and daydream about the future. With my hectic schedule (due to BS Bio), I wonder when will I be dropping by once again.

Speaking of sporting events, I just want to congratulate LONDON for winning the bid for the 2012 Olympics. See you there! (now I have to start saving bucks for that…)