Lessons of Truth

I stayed up late to finish ABS-CBN’s program “Harapan: The Jun Lozada Expose” and it was my first time to listen intently to the NBN deal whistleblower who exposed the supposed corruption of various officials of the Philippine government close to the President. I have always been in the side of the Arroyo administration for several reasons: I am a Kapampangan, I admire PGMA’s intellect, I am aware of how well she took care of Pampanga, and the GNP growth is notable. But sadly, it was during that night of February 16 I realized that PGMA and her constituents were vulnerable when it comes to the issue of corruption.

Two thumbs up for Lozada’s courage! All the statements he said were very strong and truthful. During the show (ABS-CBN’s Harapan), it was very obvious who was consistent and who was telling the truth. In fact, a text/internet voting poll revealed that over 90% of the viewers were believing Lozada’s statements compared to Abalos, et al. The forum’s hosts were not good arbiters and the guests were not properly briefed (as they themselves were shocked by the forum setup) but overall, the objective was met – to give the public an idea of what the truth is.

As a Thomasian, I stand by the truth, and I stand by Jun Lozada. As of February 11, 2008, the Dominican Community of UST still doesn’t have a stand on the issue (according to Rev. Fr. Maximo Gatela, OP). La Salle, Ateneo, and UP are now supporting Lozada’s call for change. We, the members of the student community of various academic institutions, should be on the side of what is right. We are the builders of the country and this nation should be run by good, honest and rightful servant leaders. I’m a Filipino, I’m 20, and I’ve had enough of politicking and corruption.