O.W.L. – Overwhelming and Worse Long Exams.
That’s it!

At last, the four tough days of our Preliminary Exams ended. Now, it’s time for me to leave academic books (for a while) and grab my brother’s copy of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

I expected too much, I believe. Well, as everyone knows (even those who haven’t read the book yet) Dumbledore died! I thought the book would relieve my stress, but instead, more and more new characters were introduced. Rowling did a good job in tying up all those characters starting from Year 1 to Year 4. As usual, I hated Snape and Malfoy… and they even teamed-up in this volume (now, I wish I could use some Imperius Curse). Well, for the first few pages, my mind vividly captured the image of British Prime Minister Tony Blair as the Muggle Minister (funny eh?!).

Generally, my interest was not as high compared to the time when I was reading HP 1 to 4. Anyway, I always loved Harry Potter (the story that is) which I started reading when copies hit the book store. I was in first year high school then (if my biology-terms-immensed brain serves me right).

I can’t wait to see the next HP book, and the upcoming film, of course!

Congratulations for getting good remarks on your O.W.L. (Ordinary Wizarding Level Exams) Potter!

Heaven in Biology

It was ‘hell week’ for the batch, or specifically, for the whole college… and it will be for the next coming days. All quizzes were postponed last week because of the visit of the accrediting team (okay, it just happens every three years…) and all of the tests were given this week. Thanks to the handy cups of coffee and the LOUD alarm of my cellphone, my drowsy eyes were kept open for at least several hours after midnight.

Some visitors just checked our college if things are working out right. As I see it, improvements are only made when there are visitors. Why is it always like this? Vision statements appear out of nowhere, fire escape plans everywhere, and they even removed the mini-store (with overpriced products) where I can grab a bite of ‘siomai or siopao’ during breaktime. Then, everything was cleaned up; chairs with vandals were removed, etc. etc. I’m happy about this. Accrediting commissions are good motivators but why are people making room for improvements just because of critics (a.k.a. accreditors)? I think we should strive for excellence for the sake of our own development and make our own standards that will set us apart from others.

The present situation is currently devouring me. Honestly, I am starting to like it, or should I say, I MUST LIKE IT. Well, next week will be our PRELIMINARY EXAMINATIONS. Good luck for me, and I have to make an oath: NO BLOGGING for the next four days… (Will it help? I hope so.)

Present mode: searching for heaven in Biology.

Still looking for the answers to these mind-boggling questions:

Why do we have to suffer reading hundreds of pages of Xerox-copied books for PhioSci?
Why do we have two books in Ethics? Can’t we just stick to one?
Why do we have to study Calculus? Isn’t Algebra and Trigonometry enough?

Whew! Life just gets worse these days.