On Pope and Dan Brown

It’s not surprising but it’s absolutely heartbreaking.

Pope John Paul IIWitnessing the death of a Pope who has loved a third world country like the Philippines is such a sad experience. Since the day I was born, Pope John Paul II has been the only Pope I have ever known. His face was like that of a pop star, recognized by almost everybody. And I am impressed by the fact that he was able to lead the Catholic Church swiftly in the time of modernization.

The Pope’s death focused media on the Vatican City, the center of Catholicism. I recalled the books of Dan Brown ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and ‘Angels and Demons.’ I already finished the ‘Code’ and it contained facts revealing some of the Church’s secrets. I still don’t have a copy of ‘Angels and Demons’ which contain more interesting points about Vatican. Pity me!

Dan Brown’s work may contradict the traditions we already know as Christians. Always keep in mind that these are only fictional novels and some facts were just adopted. That’s what makes a novel a bestseller!

At this point, there are questions in my mind which are still left unanswered regarding my own religion. But I see to it that my faith is never lost. Being in a Catholic University may also be a reason why Dan Brown never conquered my faith.

I challenge everyone to read the books themselves.