Freedom Today

This year’s 114th Independence Day Anniversary carries the theme “Pananagutan ng Bayan Para sa Tuwid na Daan” is a strong indication that the present government is exerting a lot of effort in cleaning up the mess caused by corrupt officials of some government institutions.

Today, ‘freedom’ is a term misused by many. (I consider it second to “love” in terms of being overused and misunderstood). It has become the people’s free pass to do or say whatever they want, i.e. freedom of the press, freedom of information, freedom of expression, etc.

A Pinoy pop icon whom I consider as the perfect epitome of ‘Freedom of Expression’ would be Carlos Celdran. Of course, his “Damaso” is one of his most controversial stunt. He is also known for his Imelda Tours and his promotion of the RH Bill.

I strongly support his campaign against the construction of an ‘eyesore’ near the Rizal Park in Manila. DMCI’s Torre de Manila (prospective below) will obviously destroy the park’s skyline.

For Carlos, that’s freedom put to good use.

For netizens, do the same.

PS. Cheers to my co-anchor Vallie. It was fun hosting City of San Fernando’s Independence Day Celebration with you for the second consecutive year.