Singapore… That’s All I Ask You

Phantom of the OperaAboard the plane I was watching Phantom of the Opera and before I knew it, the fasten seat-belt sign was on and we were about to land at Changi Airport. Alright, here I go again, enthusiastically picturing myself as an Amazing Race contestant. To sum up my 4-day stay in this sophisticated city, here’s the coolest way I can think of (Thanks Tim Tayag of LAC for the idea— I just found this on your On-Foot credits!):

For 4 days in Singapore, I had a TOTAL NUMBER OF:

Hours of sleep:
“San Cai” look-alike seen:
Cans of Pepsi drank:
People who recognized me as Filipino:
People who thought I was Singaporean:
(I felt sorry for the tourists who asked me directions)
MRT rides:
Times I thought about my crush/es:
Britney Spears songs I heard:
(Ooops! Britney is big here in S’pore!)
Things bought for myself:

View from Allson Hotel The bustling crowds and the cityscape are two of the most observable things you’ll see in S’pore. People are running like crazy! Compare it to Makati 10 times. 90% of MRT Stations are underground. Then there are tourists from all walks of life – blue-eyed, brown-eyed, black-eyed *is there such?* name it! Okay, *Earth to Filipinos* this country is 20 years away from Manila. There are no shanties, no street vendors, no jobless people, and no stinky smell. I’ll say that Wow! Singapore is more appropriate than Wow! Philippines isn’t it? But their country’s tagline – “Uniquely Singapore” – aptly describes their nation as a whole. They have this carpeted airport, then the Raffles City is comparable to Europe (in fact, it’s 2nd to Barcelona!), their MRT’s are so fast, and most of all, the people are cultured. These aren’t usual in Asia.

Every portion of S’pore is an art. Landscaped gardens, paintings, sculptures and restored Gothic churches are well-preserved and maintained. Hospitality is a priority: “Goo monin sir, me i halp yu?” was an SOP. I feel very safe and at ease.

EsplanadeS’pore’s splendid development is attainable. This is something we can do in Manila, I always said to myself. There was no place for adjustment because there is no time difference and their climate is the same as ours. Surely, I will come back for another ride at the Sentosa cable car, another taste of the Chicken Rice, another night at the Safari, and another pictorial at the Esplanade.

As the curtain of my S’pore journey closed , I wished that someday, instead of craving for a trip to another country, all I will ask for is a trip here in my own – Philippines… That’s all I ask of you.