Democracy, kindness and peace

Twenty one years later,¬†Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi renders her Nobel Peace Prize speech. I haven’t heard such an inspirational speech until today. Her message is not only applicable to Burma, but also to many countries around the world. We Filipinos should be proud that we are living in a democratic country. And the most powerful lines that struck me:

“Absolute peace in our world is an unattainable goal. But it is one towards which we must continue to journey, our eyes fixed on it as a traveler in a desert fixes his eyes on the one guiding star that will lead him to salvation. Even if we do not achieve perfect peace on earth, because perfect peace is not of this earth, common endeavors to gain peace will unite individuals and nations in trust and friendship and help to make our human community safer and kinder.”

Thank you for being an inspiration to the world.