What is the use of a swimsuit parade in a beauty pageant?

007_bikini.jpgMiss USA 2005 was recently aired and of course, I didn’t dare miss it. When this year’s hosts introduced the swimsuit competition, they reminded the audience that this part of beauty pageants has always been a subject of controversy. What is there to debate about? Well, maybe today’s busts are just bigger than before (oh those silicons!) and the girls now walk in two-piece lingerie (sounds better than 1 piece). Okay, now I get it – our new and more liberated generation has turned pageants into a 1% gown-1% casual-1% intellect-and 97% bikini open!

Well, it was clarified later on during the said pageant that the swimwear contest has always been the gauge on how confident a contestant is. Showing off her body means that she is proud of her
‘inner beauty.’ Alright, now ‘inner beauty’ has a new meaning. Inner – get it? – the abs, the legs, and the flesh! Okay, another reason is that swimming champ and muscled hunk Michael Phelps wouldn’t be judging this contest without this division.

I am in favor of having the swimwear contest in beauty pageants. Come on, it’s a “beauty” pageant, and it focuses mainly on the physical appearance. Then there is these parts: the gown for grace and the Q&A for the intellect. It’s fair right?