Bonjour Second Year

BookWhat a way to start a new schoolyear! It’s just a couple of days before official classes begin and I’m doing my best not to waste the remaining seconds before the academic timebomb stops ticking and blows up.

After the Hogwarts-like welcome courtesy of the grandiose University Opening Mass with matching opera choir background, I immediately ran *literally* on the way to the Main Building for a meeting with The Thomasian Freshmen Committee – I was then sprinkled with an ample amount of superiority because now, avec plasir, I will be one of those who shall give a tour for the freshmen.

At around 12:30pm, I rushed to meet my next door friends from Galleria across UST (Jocine and Kat) and take a cab to the *real* Rob Galle in Pasig. A series of unfortunate events (sounds like a movie title) came afterwards. We were rejected by the first cab (telling us that it wasn’t his route) then, the next one overheated. We were then dropped by the driver near FEU. Just as I thought how easy it would be to find another cab, a chewed bubblegum just kissed my blue suede shoes! Raindrops fell and we had a hard time looking for another cab. Je regrette for myself. At last, after about 15 minutes, we were on the go once again. We reached Rob Galle in time for several movies yet another surprising punch came – there was no electricity… brown-out! It sounds weird, but I don’t know why this mall doesn’t have a generator with a capacity to run in these times of emergency. Cinemas were closed (it’s only 3 in the afternoon!) and fast food chains were as hot as hell (even though I haven’t been in hell…) there’s just no point of comparison. Bien sûr, what more can I do? Cry?

My cellphone battery died. At 6pm I have to meet my high school buddies (Mei, Ray, Quitz, Ross, James and Vanie). How the heck am I going to contact them! That was solved (and I don’t have time explaining how). I thought I was finished facing the “series of unfortunate events,” but another one came – I was dropped off by the cab a little bit far from Food Choices in Glorietta (our meeting place). I took several turns, escalators and stairs just to find them. Le voyage dure combien de temps?

In Providence, just across La Salle, I released my stress and anger… through videoke! I don’t want to end the day dull so me and my pals sang our hearts out in the tune of Jennifer Paige’s Crush and topping the night with Janet Jackson’s Together Again (corny but lively!) At midnight, I faced my notepad and scribbled the events of this day.

Merci Docteur ReyOui, I have been using several French words in this entry because my interest was ignited by the movie “Merci Docteur Rey” – a French film that captured my heart. Cela m’est égal if I can’t understand some words and I was distracted by the inaccurate subtitles. Foreign films touch our deeper sense of understanding. And that explains the scattered French terms. Bonne journée!