Hayden and Sam

Hayden Christensen may not be related to Sam Milby but these are the films I watched in consecutive days this month – Jumper and My Big Love. I even watched one of these movies twice and I will not disclose which of two it was. For the sake of documenting the moment I shelled out a couple of hundreds for these movies, I present these reviews.

Too Cool
The childhood idea of teleporting has fascinated me once again through the movie “Jumper” led by Hayden Christensen. He was better in Star Wars where he played the role of Anakin. The beginning of the film became the summary of the whole story – David Rice (Christensen’s character) discovers at a young age that he can teleport anywhere. Practically, that’s it. Then comes the villain Roland played by Samuel L. Jackson who wants to exterminate the race of ‘jumpers’ (yes, because they can ‘jump’ from one place to another). The white dye on Jackson’s hair made me laugh several times. It looked like a rag placed on top of his head. It was a disaster. On the love angle, Millie (played by Rachel Bilson) was Christensen’s ultimate crush. Bilson’s acting didn’t change since her appearance in one of my favorite TV shows, The O.C. The ending was too ‘happy’ and it seemed like it won’t have a sequel. Although my interest was sustained throughout the movie because of the action-packed moves and amazing sceneries from Fiji and London, I was not satisfied with the story. Cool but not artistic. Two out of five stars for this film I watched at Gateway Cineplex.

Too Fat

The next day after watching Jumper, it was time to laugh once again. Whenever I watch a local film, I see to it that it’s comedy. Star Cinema should already give me an award for being an avid viewer of their comedy movies dominated by Ai-ai De Las Alas. This time, I watched Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga’s ‘My Big Love.’
With all the advertisement, I had a synopsis of the story before I entered the movie house. Sam (Macky) is a very fat pastry chef coming from a well-off family who fell in love with a young socialite columnist played by Kristine Hermosa (Nina). When Nina met 300-pound Macky, she was shocked. Their first day was a mess and Macky was very depressed for Nina turned him down. And you know what happened next. Toni Gonzaga(Aira), a fitness instructor, helped Macky in the process of losing weight then both of them went abroad and never saw each other for a couple of years. Macky came back as a hunk and went for Nina again. Aira, on the other hand, realized she was in love with Macky.
And the typical make-believe fantasy comes again. This is what’s wrong with Filipino romance movies. It is very unusual for a rich boy to decide and marry a poor girl that instant. Another thing, the sudden pour of rain was so ‘scripted.’ Plus, the way Macky and Aira met was very coincidental, too much serendipity.
But if you want a good laugh, the movie is worth the pay. Pinoy movies nowadays have sense, although not that original, but you can see the improvement. Three out of five stars for this film with screenplay by fellow Thomasian from the UST College of Science, Michiko Yamamoto. I loved hearing Sam and Toni’s cover version of Peabo Bryson’s ‘If Ever Your In My Arms Again.’