Two J’s and a bunch of laughter

I am talking about Jessica and Julie. Their books are perfect breathers since my mind is already saturated because of Garisson’s Managerial Accounting.

Jessica should rule the universe
Twisted Cover.indd A month ago, Mark (a schoolmate) invited me to become one of the minions of Jessica Zafra through Facebook. I felt that Jessica and I have some personal connection through her write-ups (don’t laugh). Back in 2003, I brought with me Twisted 6 during a writing contest in Nueva Ecija and the book became a handy companion that eased my tension (thanks to a few laughing breaks, I won). I didn’t like the close-to-newsprint paper of Twisted 7. Last year, I finished Twisted Travels while on a road trip from Baguio to Pampanga.
Now, I’m done with Twisted 8: The Night of the Living Twisted. This book is a hilarious knock-out. Zafra’s crazy ideas were compressed in a 159-page reality show-like narration. The sarcasm, humor and drama of it made me giggle a lot. I love her take on Philippine politics, customs and society. Readers get an overload of tennis facts, movie reviews and showbiz gossips (or should I say – unwanted truths?). I, as one of her minions, declare: “Jessica should rule the universe!” (Her blog:

Hot haute
some-like-it-haute-cover1 A book by Julie K. L. Dam is one of the best finds I got from a recent bookstore sale. My mom used to buy boring classics for a few hundred pesos. Last month, I was lucky enough to find a very cool book for only fifty pesos! Some Like It Haute is the book I am talking about.
The novel is about the funny story of Alex Simons who writes for the fashion section of a magazine. Her misadventures in Paris has led her to a lot of memorable antics – humiliating herself during a fashion runway show, meeting her former French professor, and falling in love with Nick. Aside from funny narrations about true-to-life problems, the novel randomly advertises high-end haute couture. The book is can also be called ‘fashion for dummies.’ It is the perfect ‘breaktime’ novel.

Next book assignment: Specimen Days by Michael Cunningham.