If OnlyAnother cliche question: ‘What if you you were given a chance to change the future?’

Deja vu… Sometimes, you feel like you have seen what is going to happen, and you do everything to somewhat “undo” or “edit” the future. But what if it’s an uncontrollable death? Death of the most precious person in your life. In the movie IF ONLY, Paul Nicholls only had one day to show Jennifer Love Hewitt how much he loves her. Then twists and turns… (alright, I’ll never spill)… The movie is so romantic, and the dramatic scenes caused me to cry. For the first 10 minutes of the film, I saw myself shedding tears right away (Why do they make movies like this). Not to mention the very sweet quotes…

Through “If Only,” I further gave value to TIME. We only live once in this world and we must make sure that we make a difference, in one way or another, not only for your own sake, but for LOVE’s sake. Here’s the Theme Song of the movie, with the very mushy lyrics:

Love Will Show You Everything

Today, today I bet my life
You have no idea
What I feel inside
Don’t, be afraid to let it show
For you’ll never know
If you let it hide

I love you
You love me
Take this gift and don’t ask why
Cause if you will let me
I’ll take what scares you
Hold it deep inside
And if you ask me why I’m with you
And why I’ll never leave
Love will show you everything

One day
When youth is just a memory
I know you’ll be standing right next to me

I agree with the film’s catchphrase: Watch it, and HAVE ANOTHER GOOD CRY…