It’s all in the ‘hood’

Whether you spell it as “h-o-o-d-i-e” or “h-o-o-d-y,” this kind of jacket is worn by every kid in town (oops, even adults). Did the recent changes in weather radically turned the Philippines into an ice-cold country? – definitely not. Boys and girls who strut the outfit joined the craze since early 2008 until today.

young-hooded-male-thumb5172625I have two hoodies (with emphasis on the plural form). Both were gifts from friends. When the ‘hoodies fever’ arrived, I surely didn’t want to embark on a fashion adjustment. In fact, I didn’t know if it’ll look good on me or not. When I started to feel the chilling breeze of the ‘ber’ season, I thought I needed a hoodie.  Trusting my friends’ fashion tastes, I started wearing hoodies. Alright, it’s cold, and I need to look a little buff, so putting on a hoodie meant a lot. One thing I can’t grasp is the thing about the hood itself (except for the fact that it’ll not be called a hoodie without the hood).

After a little online research, I found out that this sort of fashion trend started in the 1930’s. Hoodies also remind me of hip-hop as well as shoplifters who want to conceal their faces. Short for ‘hooded sweatshirt,’ wearing these is now considered as one hell of a fad!

For as long as it serves its purpose, I’ll continue wearing hoodies.

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