In Need of a Hero

The world needs Iron Man.

It was a rainy Friday evening when my parents decided that our family would to go to the mall after office hours to watch Iron Man. Arriving 30 minutes before run time, I grabbed a cheeseburger meal before joining my family on the second row balcony. The hype caused by Iron Man gave me an impression that my family was the only one who was not able to watch the movie backed up by the fact that the movie house was almost deserted. This film starring Robert Downey Jr. was in its third week already and I was happy I was able to catch it.

For fans of this Marvel comics-turned-movie blockbuster, I don’t have to relay the story again. Downey was very good in portraying the incredible Mr. Tony Stark. I have observed that director Jon Fabreau was successful in choosing the right cast. My favorite character among them would be Pepper (portrayed by Gwyneth Paltrow). She was very true to her role as assistant while maintaining the glamorous aura as an actress. The ultramodern setting of Stark’s home was very realistic. Today, that kind of environment is absolutely possible. The effects were great, the digital surround sound was maximized, and the costume is not too grandiose. Product placement, on the other hand, was a little bit too much for me.

How timely it is that Afghanistan was part of the movie. Right now, almost everyone can relate to the war scenes which are typical pictures in CNN and BBC. Many “hero” films will follow Iron Man and one would be “The Hulk.” Locally, television viewers are bombarded with superhero characters as well. In this time we need a true hero to save victims of poverty, hunger and international conflict. Maybe this is one of the signs of the times.

I’ll give three and a half out of five stars for this well-packaged movie.