Network Wars

Whenever I switch on the TV, I do not actually watch certain shows. I simply scan channels as if I am waiting for a jackpot combination on a slot machine until I reach interesting programs ranging from TLC’s Invite Mr. Wright to NatGeo’s Great Migrations. Sometimes, I still watch local news on primetime and some bits of showbiz scoops from DJ-turned-chismoso, Mo Twister. But most of the time I think I’m making the cable company richer every single day I do not watch cable channels.

I must admit, when I was in grade school, one of the biggest debates were those which tackle network wars;  the never-ending comparison between ABS-CBN 2 and GMA 7 that still exists today. During coffee breaks, I still find myself in a raging debate with my officemates on which television network is the best. If only the Lopezes and Atty. Gozun have seen our outpour of emotions defending our side, they would probably laugh.

Endless battles on ratings by AGB Nielsen, TV personalities that come and go, noontime shows wanting to be on top, and primetime slots are still the major topics in the “Kapuso” vs “Kapamilya” war. Personally, I have my “heart” on GMA 7.

I lot of my childhood friends would probably remember that I am for Channel 7, and that never changed. Of course, anything I say would spark a lot of remarks. In my point of view, GMA is more credible when it comes to delivering news. I find ABS-CBN anchors a bit loud and biased. Also, I’m not a fan of drama series and I believe the Kapuso network is on the right track when it comes to producing shows which portray fantasy, opulence and high standard of living instead of intense drama and lives of the less privileged.

In the book of Ateneo Graduate School of Business entitled “The Blue Way: Case Studies on Leadership, Strategy and Ethics,” the case study “GMA Network Incorporated, Winning the Network Wars” further convinced me that the said network is close to their vision of becoming the ‘most respected, undisputed leader in Philippine broadcast industry and the recognized media innovator and pacesetter in Asia.’  B-H-A-G!

I stumbled upon a funny link while writing this blog:

Whether Kapuso or Kapamilya, people should look out for MVP’s revamped TV 5. Remember, great competitors won’t stop ‘til they reach number one.

Official Statement

From EarlIn relation to the present national issues confronting the Filipino people, I stand in support of the present administration of the duly-elected President, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. As regards to accusations against her legitimacy due to a released wiretapped conversation with a COMELEC official during the May 2004 National Elections, it is but proper to let the constitution decide on what to do. We have laws to enforce and legal means to resolve this problem. Politicking should stop immediately and we, as citizens of this country, must continue to work in order to improve our country’s overall condition.

Privacy Invaded

PGMASome people are so hard-headed! Attempts to overthrow the administration of the present Philippine government has risen to a level so high that even the Palace itself is bewildered on what to do in order to augment this worsening scenario. Is the COMELEC Commissioner’s phone wiretapped? Oh c’mon… it’s possible! But who are we to air any conversation for that matter? (Even if he is a public official) Anyway, Filipinos are so obsessed with crab mentality that is why they can’t help but use any means (even 1 year after the elections) to question the legitimacy of the present administration.

With the growing number of the versions on CD’s, I too have my own version, and here it goes:

PGMA: “Hello ‘no. Garci, natapos mo na ba ang mga labada?”
Garci: “Opo ma’m, ide-deliver ko na po mamaya.”
PGMA: “O cge ‘no. Pati yung mga damit ni Mikey at Iggy isama mo na rin”
Garci: “Walang problema ma’m. Kay Sandra ko po ipapadala, ang ating bagwoman”
PGMA: “That’s good. I need to go, kailangan ko pa matulog para tumangkad ‘no.”
Garci: “Bye ma’m.”
PGMA: “Zzzzzzzzzz”

It would’ve given me the laughs if I heard this conversation aired on national TV. But we are governed by laws and therefore, public officials also have their own rights. Privacy is being invaded when one listens to another conversation without either’s consent. I too have my personal talks with my closest friends, moreso with my family, and I definitely don’t want anybody listening.