Privacy Invaded

PGMASome people are so hard-headed! Attempts to overthrow the administration of the present Philippine government has risen to a level so high that even the Palace itself is bewildered on what to do in order to augment this worsening scenario. Is the COMELEC Commissioner’s phone wiretapped? Oh c’mon… it’s possible! But who are we to air any conversation for that matter? (Even if he is a public official) Anyway, Filipinos are so obsessed with crab mentality that is why they can’t help but use any means (even 1 year after the elections) to question the legitimacy of the present administration.

With the growing number of the versions on CD’s, I too have my own version, and here it goes:

PGMA: “Hello ‘no. Garci, natapos mo na ba ang mga labada?”
Garci: “Opo ma’m, ide-deliver ko na po mamaya.”
PGMA: “O cge ‘no. Pati yung mga damit ni Mikey at Iggy isama mo na rin”
Garci: “Walang problema ma’m. Kay Sandra ko po ipapadala, ang ating bagwoman”
PGMA: “That’s good. I need to go, kailangan ko pa matulog para tumangkad ‘no.”
Garci: “Bye ma’m.”
PGMA: “Zzzzzzzzzz”

It would’ve given me the laughs if I heard this conversation aired on national TV. But we are governed by laws and therefore, public officials also have their own rights. Privacy is being invaded when one listens to another conversation without either’s consent. I too have my personal talks with my closest friends, moreso with my family, and I definitely don’t want anybody listening.