Running out of characters

I survived eight months without posting any blog entry because instead of concocting a feel-good write-up for my own (and a few readers’) pleasure, I ended up immersed in Facebook which I strategically linked to my Twitter account. These quick posting applications were handy. I found them very practical over the past busy months since I only had to share what I was doing, watching or listening to while I can tweet a 140-character line to my very few (sad to say) minions on Twitter.

When I was about to close my Friendster account, it made a move that didn’t came a surprise to social networking addicts. Dull “FS” turned green and became an “FB”-copycat. One thing common about social networking sites today is that built-in longitudinal box where people can publicize their thoughts by clicking the buttons ‘shoutout’ in Friendster, ‘update’ in Twitter and ‘share’ in Facebook. No wonder Yahoo! Mail also joined the craze and installed a “What are you doing right now” box as well.

Once in a while, I blankly stare at my bedroom window, thinking about a shout out, or wondering if a tweet would be interesting enough for my friends to “like.”I found these ‘share’ boxes very challenging since they are limited in characters. This means that you have to be creative enough to be noticed.

The online craze of announcing anything under the sun has been a subject of criticisms. I myself laugh at those ‘shares’ which do not gather any comments at all. Christine Gambito of “Happy Slip” saying that ‘here (status updates) is something that we complete indulge in simply because we can now.” (See CNN (See ) and “Ang Pinaka” hosted by Rovilson Fernandez in QTV11 (See also enumerated the “Most Annoying Facebook Users.”

For the sake of online presence, I am still hooked in these portals. On the down side, I always run out of characters. This year, I think I’ll make more sense if I start to blog again.

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