String of Parties

All I can say is that this month has been a ‘December of Parties.’ I just turned 18 and my schedule has been full of get-togethers. What a way to celebrate the merry season of Christ’s birth!

Currently, I am subscribed to SEEK through my mobile phone. Through this, I receive daily GOOD NEWS, not exactly Bible verses but thoughts which make one reflect about life, love, and to my surprise, about parties! One message suggested that I must look at parties in a different way – look at its purpose, result, and value. Because of that, I have written this sort of evaluation regarding some of the parties I’ve attended this month.

Dec 03 @ Gerry’s Grill:
It was my classmate’s (Krizia) 19th birthday and I’ve found out that ‘Pecten’ (scallops) really do taste good. Aside from that, it became a ‘bonding’ moment for our block. It was a confirmation that each of us in our class care for one another. I am very thankful for the ride home (c/o Kix).

Dec 07 @ Cafe Dapits:
I turned 18 on this day and I celebrated this special event with my blockmates. There were three of us who organized this party almost a month before the event. It was a success! Without the efforts of Sherry and Vincent (also December celebrants), our party would’nt be that great.

Dec 17 @ an orphanage and @ Lampara w/ 2B:
My emotions were controlled by the kids at the orphanage I (together with 2B) visited. We fed them, took care of them, and touched their lives even for a few minutes. I felt unusual happiness, specially with a kid named RJ, specially when he flashed that innocent smile. After that heartwarming experience, I attended their (2B) party at Lampara where I felt very welcome and entertained. Lesson: visit children and orphanages once in a while, it makes your heart softer. For the party? Well, it taught me how to laugh for almost 10 minutes straight! (Oh, how my jaws hurt!… Thanks for inviting me Raf & Jomar)

Dec 18 @ Benavides Park:
I made new friends through this Christmas Party of the College of Science Journal. People who I haven’t talked to very seriously before seemed like close friends of mine. I also felt the real spirit of sharing – food sharing that is – as we fed ourselves with a bucket of KFC chicken, Greenwich pizza and bottled Coke, the amount of which were EXACTLY enough for us… No more, no less.

Dec 19 @ Ty’s Residence a.k.a. Class Party:
Who would’nt take note of the exchange gift? We had this ‘wish list’ and my wish was granted. It was a party to remember because never before has our class bonded together – in song and in dance! One room thumped as the boys went wild singing Britney and Boyzone hits (freaky!) and the other danced like there was no tomorrow. How thankful I am for having this chance to wind up after academic suffocation.

Dec 23 @ Bougainvillea ala-debut!:
I never imagined that my 18th Birthday celebration here in my hometown will be this great! I invited my high school batchmates and it became a simple reunion. Not only that, there was a program – the stand-up comedy left us with stomachaches, my classmates gave some mushy messages, games were played, and of course, great food!

Dec 26 @ my Bestfriend’s house:
I told my Dad that I’ll be back at 9pm and guess what, I went home at 7:30 in the morning. Our high school class reunion became an overnight stay! Anyway, a lot of things happened but it all boiled down to one saying: Make new friends but keep the old ones…

There is only one thing I regret – I never completed the 9 mornings of Simbang Gabi (ironic huh? mornings but ‘gabi’? whatever!)