Basketball Awakenings

Coach CarterEnrolling once again – now as a sophomore in college – seemed to be quite normal, except for some of the thoughts I had lingering in my mind throughout the day. After paying the increased tuition fee in school, me and some of my former blockmates took a jeepney on the way to a mall near Manila City Hall only to find ourselves budgeting money for a whole bunch of Shakey’s meals. After that, we went straight to Cinema 7 to see Samuel L. Jackson playing ‘Coach Carter.’

If one would look back at how Basketball has affected my life, well, all you can strip off me is a couple of NBA cards when I was in gradeschool, getting into the MBA mania for Pampanga Dragons, and I really really love watching SLAM BALL! Now that I have grown from all of those… ehemmm, actually I haven’t! Did I say that I really really love SLAM BALL (again)? Okay, there’s nothing more exciting than watching a live game of passing, dribbling and shooting the ball with crowds going wild specially in college basketball *UAAP*.

In relation to the movie, I can describe it as a very talkish film. Luckily, I sat with somebody with a sense of humor identical to mine – that made me awake throughout the 2 1/2 hours of Coach Carter’s sermons. The movie wasn’t that bad. Beneath all the push-ups and Ashanti popping-up from nowhere, I definitely learned so much.

First of all, ‘education is very important,’ the movie emphasized. You cannot live with your ‘short shorts and matching tank tops’ forever playing ball. Another show recently had a debate topic regarding education: Y! Speak of ABS-CBN’s Studio 23. Do we really need a diploma? Well, you can’t eat the diploma, literally, but with the growing competition in our globalized world, how can you survive? A good education and mastery of skills are important not only for getting the job you want, but because you want a strong foundation that shall embody you throughout your lifetime. School is there for your development mentally, emotionally, socially, physically, etc… it’s just wholistic!

I can’t wait to grab that diploma. It’s amazing to realize that I already finished one step of my college academic world. Many more terminologies to memorize, numbers to solve and values to instill are about to attack like a tsunami waiting to drown me to death when schooldays arrive. I cannot think of any other way of owning one of those Bvlgari watches without finishing my studies.