Earth Day, Starbucks and Climate Change

starbucks-earth-dayI opened my planner last April 22 and the date says Earth Day. It was a very typical office day and I never cared much about what the world was celebrating. Of course, I noticed the Google and Yahoo themes which were related to Earth Day (I’m  not stoic!). At around five o’clock, my officemate Joven announced that Starbucks will slash off Php 40 from the price of your drink if you bring with you your Starbucks tumbler.  It was then that I started to love Earth Day. I went straight to the nearest Starbucks branch together with my friends Japhet and Hizza. Armed with our own tumblers, my friends and I ordered our favorite fraps and happily savoured our discounts.

On my way home, it was raining cats and dogs. It felt like it was already the rainy season during the time when the country should be experiencing the peak of summer. From time to time, I check out PAGASA’s website (yes, I do!) just to see if there is a storm (other than that oh-so-popular inter tropical convergence zone… I love saying that!). There’s none. I am alarmed by the recent weather changes.

Now is the time to take Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth’ very seriously. I remember my professor in Ecology noting Gore’s data and saying that the current weather changes are sort of ‘defense mechanism’ of Mother Earth. And yes, it is. Mother Earth is defending herself from destruction, and her reaction is ‘climate change.’

Thanks to Earth Day, I got Php 40 off my Java Chip Frap. Aside from that, this made me realize that I should support brands that are going ‘green’ and help in long-term efforts to save our planet.