Hail Bloggers

The BloggerAn old box caught my attention while I was cleaning my bedroom. It was filled with keepsakes, letters, and trash from high school. I dug deeper, as if quarrying for something precious. My curious hands sank and reached for a black, leather-bound notebook. The cover had a gold imprint of the word ‘Diary’ elegantly positioned at the top-right corner of the journal, and that’s it. Time froze and I just stared at the diary. Think, think, think; I was not even sure if it was mine. Then my common sense shouted: “That diary is yours you fool! You’re not in a telenovela.”

So I opened the first page. It has my name on it and some details I never actually comprehended because I was so excited to read what’s inside. My untold secrets were there! It’s like going back in time. I feel like one of the professors in Discovery Channel interpreting the hieroglyphics in Egypt. Here I come! The first page:

December 26, 2001

Dear Diary…

Its contents were none of anyone’s business than mine. Anyway, I then turned to the next page: nothing. The next several pages were blank. I flipped through all the pages and I realized that I had written nothing except for that one and only entry. Did I run out of words?

Running out of words isn’t possible. Writing (or typing – in the case of bloggers) is like speaking, but once in a while, thoughts get mixed-up and joggling every bit of information you want to share doesn’t easily come. Okay, so I lost nothing when I started to build a web log through Friendster (wait… except for the internet cards I bought). I don’t know what keeps me going but this new way of sharing your thoughts on movies, television, personal feelings, and opinions definitely embraced the writing prowess in me (and in others as well).

EchoDittoPeople must take into consideration that an ‘open diary’ limits your writing compared to personal handwritten notes unavailable for public viewing (for obvious reasons) that is why I am somewhat proud that I have flexed my writing capabilities and have an ‘online segregation’ between the ‘to-write’ and ‘not-to-write’ ideas; taking into consideration that there is a BIG difference between blog writing and actual writing (hmmm, maybe I’l tackle that in another post).

Kudos to Garret Graff who was the first blogger to be issued a White House press pass! Now I know that bloggers are certainly remarkable.