Summer Returns

A day after I queued to see my grades in school (at last, third year ends!), I packed a load of summer essentials for a 4-day stay in the island of Bohol. Our family left the house at four o’clock in the morning. With my eyes half-opened, we reached the domestic airport terminal 2 ½ hours before our flight. If there was a ‘too early bird’ award, give it to me please!

“Mga binibini, ginang at ginoo, kalalapag lamang po natin sa paliparan ng Tagbilaran.” From Manila, it only took a 1-hour plane ride to reach Bohol’s capital. I was surprised to see the very small airport terminal. It was peculiar because small houses can be found near the airport’s perimeter fence almost touching the wings of any plane that would land. Aside from that, there were no baggage counters. Upon reaching the arrival area, all the passengers waited for their bags. Alas! A truckload of baggage came and all of us swarmed over the bags like flies hungry for rotten food. We then rode a van bound to our real vacation destination.

Bohol Beach Club (BBC) was the place where our family stayed throughout our Bohol adventure. Situated at the serene island of Panglao, BBC is the perfect place for those who want to rest and unwind. Unlike the noisy and crowded shores of Puerto Galera and Boracay, BBC offers a peaceful getaway. I felt I owned the whole island, with a few Koreans and Europeans in skimpy bikinis as my guests.

The next day was our ‘tour’ day. With our cool and showbiz-oriented tour guide named Alice, we went to the yummy-looking Chocolate Hills and met the famous Tarsiers up close and personal. We also had lunch on a floating boat cruising the Loboc river. After that, we visited the centuries-old Baclayon Church, tasted some pale-looking ‘ube’ and bought ‘pasalubongs’ (plastic bags full of shirts, tarsier key chains and peanut kisses). Our day ended in BBC with a beachside dinner. While eating, we were even serenaded. We spent the third day dolphin-watching and enjoying the white sand, collecting seashells, drooling over starfishes and identifying the species of every invertebrate found there (unleashing the biologist in me, again!).

I would like to thank those who became part of my Bohol adventure:

ALICE (the tourist guide queen) for the chismis and facts about Bohol. ALBERTO and JACQUES (flight attendants) for their smiles while giving away PAL’s not-so-delicious snack pack. UNNAMED DRIVERS (drivers, duh!) for their stories while we were touring Bohol KOREAN TOURISTS (modern invaders of the country) for being rude whenever we get food from the buffet table (We have this thing called ‘line’ here!) PAUL or TONTON (the laundry man) for talking to me during my beach-roaming nights MOSQUITOS (not the Anopheles) for sucking my blood BLIND MUSICIANS for entertaining us while waiting for our plane .