Ambigram by Michelle Chua (UST CSJ)‘Press button to teleport to bedroom.’*
Five minutes of Calculus lecture and you see some students doing something else other than listening. Written on my desk are the lines mentioned above [Press button to teleport to bedroom] My seatmates bursted into silent laughter when I showed this ‘vandalism’ to them. Actually, this form of psychological expression is a mere representation of an idea. People writing on walls, chairs and toilet cubicle doors continue to amaze me although others may consider the fact that these markings on public areas literally cause eyesore (in the sense that chairs, tables, walls, doors, etc. become extremely untidy).

‘I cannot afford to fail. I must struggle everyday. I must!’**
This line [quoted last] is written at the last page of my first year college notebinder. Believe it or not, this is a another ‘vandalism’ on the armchair where I was assigned to sit for a whole semester three times a week. This is one of those very useful ‘quotable quotes’ from people who just want to share their precious (or sometimes nonsense) thoughts. The line is so simple, appealing and very practical.

‘I’m a police officer. Freeze!’
Okay, this is not one of those written ‘vandals.’ Last Wednesday on my way to Zoology class, a complete stranger grabbed my right hand. He stopped me from walking, talked to me and claimed that he was a police officer. He was not in uniform plus he never showed me any ID (Aren’t they supposed to have those gold badges just like in the movies?) Well, I froze in fear and panic. I thought I was going to be kidnapped or something (…daydreaming of being a rich kid stops here…) Anyway, he talked to me and said that they were on the lookout on someone who stole a cellphone, blah blah, that I should be cautious, and more blah blah. Honestly, I never clearly understood what he said because I was so worried about my class (I thought I was going to be late). At least, I was alarmed that ‘vandalizers’ of another form are on the lose – the hold-uppers and criminals – two of my friends lost their cellphones this week because of these lawbreakers.

My week ended up the usual way – hectic but worthy of a smile! Whenever I feel like writing something not-so-useful, I try my best to control myself and end up scribbling on my notes.

*     Rm 314 UST Main Building
**   Rm 136 UST Main Building