Am I overdosed with romantic comedies and reality dating shows, reading romance novels, and listening to my friends’ romantic stories? Well, I think time will come that I shall stare at the mirror, point at myself and shout: “What a (cute) hopeless romantic!”

A Lot Like LoveLast Tuesday, I was entertained by Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet’s movie “A Lot Like Love.” Ask my closest friends and they know how much I love romantic comedies. I still remember the time in senior high school – the Christmas Party exchange gift – wherein I announced what I wished for: two CD’s of romantic comedy movies. Am I insane? Okay, I was just so crazy over these kind of movies. “A Lot Like Love” is a sweet interpretation of two people meant for each other and no matter what hindrance come along, they would still end up together… get it? That’s because they’re meant for each other! Interestingly, producers won’t stop wasting rolls of films for making these sort of movies because people like me continously patronize their crap… (ooops!) I mean, craft. As a movie fan of countless movies in this category (such as On The Line, Head Over Heels, Life or Something Like It, Sweet Home Alabama, etc.), in a scale of 1 to 10, I’ll give Ashton (don’t get me Punk’d) and Amanda a grade of 7.

I have come to another self-realization, or should I say, self-daydreaming: I see myself in those movies (alright, I may sound ‘feeling’) not in way that I look like Freddie, Ashton or Brad, but because I am currently alone, desperate to find the one for me, yet I feel like I’m not ready.

“Eh kasi, torpe ka!” Abbey would tell William on their TV series Bestfriends.

William ThioConsidering myself as ‘Torpe’ may sound very negative. I’m still in the verge of self-denial and I wouldn’t like to be called that way (well, who would? Unless you want to live like a rotten tomato forever!) In t he TV series I mentioned (Bestfriends), I can’t help but put myself in the shoes of William Thio. Like him (according to the script), I cannot find anyone who fits my desire (now that sounds erotic! *laughs*). Let’s put it this way, I cannot hold on to relationships that move so quickly. I want to start a platonic interaction, not the instant ‘love at first sight’ reaction.

There are several ways on how to find somebody for you. I have tried, and I failed, NOT IN LOVE, but in SEARCHING. I think I still have time to search and probably others can help me out. Anyone for a blind date? (I hope your plans will work classmates!!!) Nah, just kidding. One might end up simply saying,

“Eh kasi Earl, torpe ka!”

Am I?