String of Parties

All I can say is that this month has been a ‘December of Parties.’ I just turned 18 and my schedule has been full of get-togethers. What a way to celebrate the merry season of Christ’s birth!

Currently, I am subscribed to SEEK through my mobile phone. Through this, I receive daily GOOD NEWS, not exactly Bible verses but thoughts which make one reflect about life, love, and to my surprise, about parties! One message suggested that I must look at parties in a different way – look at its purpose, result, and value. Because of that, I have written this sort of evaluation regarding some of the parties I’ve attended this month.

Dec 03 @ Gerry’s Grill:
It was my classmate’s (Krizia) 19th birthday and I’ve found out that ‘Pecten’ (scallops) really do taste good. Aside from that, it became a ‘bonding’ moment for our block. It was a confirmation that each of us in our class care for one another. I am very thankful for the ride home (c/o Kix).

Dec 07 @ Cafe Dapits:
I turned 18 on this day and I celebrated this special event with my blockmates. There were three of us who organized this party almost a month before the event. It was a success! Without the efforts of Sherry and Vincent (also December celebrants), our party would’nt be that great.

Dec 17 @ an orphanage and @ Lampara w/ 2B:
My emotions were controlled by the kids at the orphanage I (together with 2B) visited. We fed them, took care of them, and touched their lives even for a few minutes. I felt unusual happiness, specially with a kid named RJ, specially when he flashed that innocent smile. After that heartwarming experience, I attended their (2B) party at Lampara where I felt very welcome and entertained. Lesson: visit children and orphanages once in a while, it makes your heart softer. For the party? Well, it taught me how to laugh for almost 10 minutes straight! (Oh, how my jaws hurt!… Thanks for inviting me Raf & Jomar)

Dec 18 @ Benavides Park:
I made new friends through this Christmas Party of the College of Science Journal. People who I haven’t talked to very seriously before seemed like close friends of mine. I also felt the real spirit of sharing – food sharing that is – as we fed ourselves with a bucket of KFC chicken, Greenwich pizza and bottled Coke, the amount of which were EXACTLY enough for us… No more, no less.

Dec 19 @ Ty’s Residence a.k.a. Class Party:
Who would’nt take note of the exchange gift? We had this ‘wish list’ and my wish was granted. It was a party to remember because never before has our class bonded together – in song and in dance! One room thumped as the boys went wild singing Britney and Boyzone hits (freaky!) and the other danced like there was no tomorrow. How thankful I am for having this chance to wind up after academic suffocation.

Dec 23 @ Bougainvillea ala-debut!:
I never imagined that my 18th Birthday celebration here in my hometown will be this great! I invited my high school batchmates and it became a simple reunion. Not only that, there was a program – the stand-up comedy left us with stomachaches, my classmates gave some mushy messages, games were played, and of course, great food!

Dec 26 @ my Bestfriend’s house:
I told my Dad that I’ll be back at 9pm and guess what, I went home at 7:30 in the morning. Our high school class reunion became an overnight stay! Anyway, a lot of things happened but it all boiled down to one saying: Make new friends but keep the old ones…

There is only one thing I regret – I never completed the 9 mornings of Simbang Gabi (ironic huh? mornings but ‘gabi’? whatever!)


As of this moment my right arm still aches.

Ending the semester with one fun-filled game of bowling with my fellow biologists was not quite what I have expected. Days before our final exams, a so-called “Class Dinner” was the much-awaited get-together plan. After everyone finished the Ethics test, almost all went straight to the bulletin board to see the posted grades in Invert Zoo lab… What the… Aren’t we supposed to go to the mall? Plan the anticipated ‘class dinner’ or something? After triple-checking my grades (I hope it was the right student number I was looking at), I smiled. Duh! I passed.

Then, after finishing two slices of that 18″ Manhattan Meatlovers and a slice of Ham and Cheese Calzone courtesy of Yellow Cab, we went to the Bowling alley, rented some of those nice pair of bowling shoes (Oh, I want to take ’em home! heheh) and we (me and 7 others) were ready to rock and bowl.

Canalla! At first I wasn’t able to hit any of the pins. Besides, I can feel that the weight of the bowling ball is heavier than my own body. After several trials, a STRIKE! Then, another one, and another… Que hombre este! Eventhough I wasn’t able to play with the proper form (you know, the proper pose, etc.) I enjoyed the whole game… And who didn’t? Each of us were laughing the whole time we were bowling.

I still don’t have any idea what happened about that ‘Class Dinner.’

Special Notes:
* We did it! Hurray for the September Issue of Momentum, the UST Science Journal.
* Cheers for Dan Brown. I just finished Angels and Demons. I can’t wait to see Rome!
* I was carried away by homosexuals! I cried over one episode of Queer As Folk.