Wallflower’s Wisdom

An eight-hour zig-zag ride to Isabela gave me the eye-damaging opportunity to finish Stephen Chbosky’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower. This collection of “Dear Diary” entries is perfectly stitched together in a very creative 90’s fashion.

The anthology of daily thoughts is owned by Charlie who confides a bunch of secrets in his diary in a span of one year. Starting off with his high school experience dated August 25, 1991, the epistolary novel revolves around the life of a “loner” who actually isn’t alone after all, thus, giving the perfect identity for someone who is called a ‘wallflower’ – often a shy observer and a good listener, contented of being just in the background of people’s lives.

Charlie would have been the perfect ‘blogger’ of his time and I bet his posts will be read by a multitude of followers. Aside from being very profound in tackling adolescent issues such as independence, sex, love, and even
homosexuality, the diary entries are filled with rich reviews on literary classics, television shows, films, and music during the 90’s.

I can’t help but feel gloomy when I reached the final entry and Charlie had to say goodbye to his so-called ‘friend.’ This 14-year-old boy’s life is so interesting and realistic I felt so engrossed and wondered what happens with those around him – Bill, Mary Elizabeth, Sam, Patrick, and Brad. All characters come alive and have their own fascinating stories told vividly in this book.

Chbosky’s work is very revealing and brave. Four out of five stars for this soon-to-be-movie starring Emma Watson (Hermione of HP) and Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson).