Why should it all happen in one day?

I was in a state of panic, restlessness and headache. This weekend was so tiring that my body temperature rose above normal. I was not feeling well last Saturday (April 30) and I have big tasks due that day: meet a former classmate in Pampanga, pass a 4-page essay for Carlos Palanca Awards in Makati; and attend the debut of my friend Joyce in Quezon City.

I cancelled my meeting with that long-time friend of mineI mentioned a while ago. How about the Palanca essay? Well, I joined that contest last year and I don’t feel any luckier this year, so I decided to postpone my submission. The debut of my friend was scheduled a month ago so I was decided enough to push myself and attend the party.

The day turned out well after all, although I felt a little unwell.


Talking to Strangers

While paying groceries over the counter at a nearby convenience store, I was surprised that a complete stranger unexpectedly asked me how much was the fresh milk I was buying. Of course, I didn’t answer. I thought it would end there. Then he asked how much the chocolate drink, the canned tuna, and the bottled juice were. I’m not stupid enough to answer those questions and act like a salesman. In fact, I don’t even know him. Moreover, doesn’t he know that he might be a distraction? He’s lucky I was in a good mood that time. Anyway, it may sound to you that I am making that incident a big deal but certainly, I believe that this is a matter of social values, norms and ethics.