From Araneta to Arena

My collection of tickets (UAAP CDC Season 71 to 75)

Many folks tag the annual UAAP Cheerdance Competition as the perfect event to showcase school spirit, but for the thousands of students, alumni and avid fanatics, it is considered a tradition.

True to this year’s theme – “Unbreakable” – I was able to purchase a ticket to this event which was held for the first time at the Mall of Asia Arena and continue what I have started in 2004.

What You Shouldn’t Miss
Aside from the usual “awwwwsss” and “whoooaaaas” when stunts fail, nothing beats the intensity of team spirit. I can’t help but laugh whenever I hear side comments ranging from over-biased praises to utterly rude (whispered) criticisms.

You shouldn’t miss these types of persons in the crowd:

a. The Ultimate Fanatic – the one wearing the school color with matching props and seated at the center part of the Lower Box (expecting that Boom Gonzales and the crew would stand beside him for instant nationwide mileage)

b. The Commentator – You will always hear this guy comment on the costume, props, choreography and even the school’s cheer.

c. The Standing Ovation – Blocks your view throughout the whole competition. (Take note, he/she has his/her own seat)

d. The Historian – knows the history of the whole UAAP Cheerdance Competition, what stunts were copied, what music was used in 1999, and the chronological order of winners of the past decade.

e. The Documenter – takes pictures or videos most of the time. I wonder if this person appreciates being there “live.” He/she should have watched at home and recorded the whole event instead.

Pros (+) and Cons (-)
1. Ticketing (-)
Just when everyone thought they can buy via SM Departments Stores/SM Ticket outlets, the experience was worse. I myself relied on a so-called ‘scalper.’

2. Venue (+) – bigger, better, and brighter. The LED surrounding the whole arena was superb.

3. Cameras (-) – all DSLRs were surrendered to the guards upon entry. After the competition, hoards of photography enthusiasts and wannabe photographers swarmed the frontdesk as if there was a “DSLR Tiangge sa MOA”

4. Hosting (-) – I don’t know if something went wrong with Jessy Mendiola’s microphone or she was simply overshadowed by the energy of Boom Gonzales.

5. Program (-) – Probably one of the draggiest.

1. UST’s classic moves –  classic (but longer) fouette and pirouette

2. UE goes blond – uhmmm, we’ve seen that last year!

3. Samsung stage mats (The blue color is already uneven. When are they going to buy some new ones?)


1. Boom’s co-host

2. Gangnam, Call Me Maybe and K-Pop

See this link:

3. UP Pep Squad hairstyle

Photo by Roy Afable of InterAKTV

InterAKTV/Roy Afable

Congratulations to the University of the Philippines Pep Squad for a well-deserved win.

PS. Bleeding black and gold and a mix of blue is not easy. But when it comes to cheering, I go for USTe!





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