What ’30 Rock’ taught me today

Have you ever wondered if what you did today is the same thing as you did a year ago?








In the 15th episode of 30 Rock Season 6, Tina Fey (Liz) looks back on her diary and surprisingly realizes that everything that is happening to her is a repetition of what happened last year.

And so, I wondered – what did I do during the past August 25’s of my life?

2008 (blank)
It was a Monday. What did I do? Based on my planner, nothing.

2009 (more-than-normal workday)
Results of Civil Service Exam released. I passed! (9am); I had a meeting with the Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) Committee, City Hall(10am)

2010 Friday (another normal workday)
Technical Working Group meeting for the Balanced Scorecard Formulation of the League of Cities of the Philippines (9-3pm); Meeting with Mr. Loi David for the Center for Leadership, Excellence and Responsible Citizenship Foundation, Inc. (4pm)

2011 Thursday (normal workday)
Attended a ribbon cutting ceremony of the Organization of Socialized Housing and Development (9am); Printed telephone slips (1pm); Drafted questionnaires and topics for our newsletter (3pm); newsletter meeting (4pm)

There should be an improvement (so-called ‘level-up’) in the thing you do to gauge if you are moving forward (or backward) in life.

For the year 2012, August 25 fell on a weekend. I guess that’s the reason why it is not that memorable. I was supposed to treat my friends today or go out for dinner but staying at home seemed to be the perfect thing to do today. Nothing beats “me” time.

From a blank page in 2008 to a filled-up page in 2011 – I guess that’s a proof that something’s going on with my life.

Next year, I just have to look at my Facebook timeline instead. That would be easier!

For 30 Rock, you earned an avid fan.

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