Ninoy in the time of “Gangnam” and “Random Girl”

I had a hard time looking for a yellow long-sleeved polo shirt for tomorrow’s Ninoy Aquino Day. The yellow ‘fad’ may be waning, but with PNOY and Kris around, their father’s memory will always be alive.

While a lot of Pinoy netizens are talking about a Korean dance craze and a random singing sensation, the long weekend should remind us of Ninoy’s heroism. Are we still worth dying for despite of the  fact that our country has ‘electioneering’ wannabe politicians helping out in times of calamities, a so-called “lying thief” in the Senate, and a worsening Metro Manila environs?

Ninoy is viral
As a good communicator, Ninoy would definitely go ‘viral.’ Even before the advent of YouTube videos, all his speeches were documented. His Los Angeles speech is one of the most-played on TV:

Reminders about our ‘Yellow Hero’ in San Fernando, Pampanga:

  • Ninoy Aquino Mini Theater at the Heroes Hall
  • Benigno Aquino Hall at the Pampanga Capitol
  • Ninoy Aquino Street at St. Dominic Corinthian Subdivision
  • There is an “Aquino” street in DAVSAN Subdivision

By the way, I just subscribed to NinoyAquinoTV. I saw a link dedicated to Ninoy (I’m just wondering what Charice Pempengco had to do with this site).

What would be his comments on The RH Bill and what would be his advice for the family of Secretary Robredo? In the midst of crises, today is the right moment to be reminded of Aquino’s heroism. Filipinos surpassed years of dictatorship and hardships, and I’m sure we’ll survive these trying times.

Tomorrow is the 29th commemoration of the assassination of Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr. He is still alive in the time of “Gangnam” and “Random Girl.”

One thought on “Ninoy in the time of “Gangnam” and “Random Girl”

  1. His speeches were to live by. I hope the future and present generations have/will have thought “What would Ninoy think or do about this..” before going commercial about decisions concerning the country. I hope that all Filipinos find it in their minds to think like Ninoy. That would be a really better Phils.

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