‘Magic Mike’ teaches accounting

A film portraying the life of a male stripper can also teach entrepreneurship and equity. Starring Channing Tatum, “Magic Mike” is about a 30-year-old hunk who ‘works all day and works it all night’ (as the tagline puts it). In the movie, he works as a construction worker during daytime and as a sexy dancer at night just to earn some money to start an Ikea or Cobonpue type of furniture business in Tampa, Florida.

Parts of the story depicts a common experience among budding entrepreneurs who are having a hard time in getting a loan to open up a new business. Too bad, not all entrepreneurs have the body and talent of ‘Magic Magic’ to instantly have a share of equity out of a night club.

At the end of the film, Mike’s protege got in trouble and he had to offer all his hard-earned money to save the teenage chap. Then, the ‘drama’ started.

I’ll give a 5 out of 10 for this movie. I should have waited for the DVD copy to come out. The reasons:

  • Poor editing
  • Not-so-good actors (but definitely good dancers)
  • I guess Matthew McConaughey got out of place. He’s better paired off with girls on romantic comedies than with a bunch of dancing guys
  • The version released in the Philippines was full of “cuts” (or does it have something to do with poor editing, again?)
  • Cody Horn should stop pouting and start acting

On the other hand, this Hollywood film can pass as a chapter of “Accounting for Dummies.”

Moral lesson: good budgeting + entrepreneurial skills + sexy body = MAGIC.

In contrast to the ‘shirtless’ photos of Magic Mike’s cast on theatrical posters (and even on Metro Manila buses), here’s a formal group shot of the stars of this Chippendales-inspired Comedy/Drama film:

Magic Mike cast with clothes on

POST MOVIE MOMENT: I went window-shopping at Team Manila’s Marquee Mall outlet after watching the movie and the piped-in music was playing T-Pain’s “I’m N Luv (Wit A Stripper).” Coincidence.

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