People’s television

I guess the Twitter-inspired logo is a good sign that the government network, People’s Television, is geared to improve in the next coming years. I am happy that public officials (or those in charge of the network) finally appreciated the value of communication. From the establishment of the Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office to the major makeover of the Philippine Government website, the communication strategy of the current administration has hurdled issues on procurement of Blackberry phones and Apple computers and PNOY’s relationship with Grace Lee. Very promising indeed.

July 2012 logo of PTV 4

One attention-grabbing tourism music video became sort of viral this week. And I stand by my comment in response to Carlos Celdran’s post regarding the promotional video of Pagsanjan, Laguna:

I think the video is not that bad. I watched the video three times to analyze, well of course, the coming of Nicki Minaj had an effect on my judgement, hehe 😉 but generally, it is Ok – the music and the choice of shots. of course, we have see better promotional videos. The mayor really made an effort. there is still time to improve (maybe a better one will be released next year)

Pagsanjan Music Video ft. The Mayor

The death of Dolphy is really significant. After hearing the eulogies and watching all the tributes offered to him on TV, I’m sure that Filipinos will never forget his legacy. Read related post:

Among the channels of communication, television remains one of the most powerful. Truly, it’s the people’s television.

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