‘Magic Mike’ teaches accounting

A film portraying the life of a male stripper can also teach entrepreneurship and equity. Starring Channing Tatum, “Magic Mike” is about a 30-year-old hunk who ‘works all day and works it all night’ (as the tagline puts it). In the movie, he works as a construction worker during daytime and as a sexy dancer at night just to earn some money to start an Ikea or Cobonpue type of furniture business in Tampa, Florida.

Parts of the story depicts a common experience among budding entrepreneurs who are having a hard time in getting a loan to open up a new business. Too bad, not all entrepreneurs have the body and talent of ‘Magic Magic’ to instantly have a share of equity out of a night club.

At the end of the film, Mike’s protege got in trouble and he had to offer all his hard-earned money to save the teenage chap. Then, the ‘drama’ started.

I’ll give a 5 out of 10 for this movie. I should have waited for the DVD copy to come out. The reasons:

  • Poor editing
  • Not-so-good actors (but definitely good dancers)
  • I guess Matthew McConaughey got out of place. He’s better paired off with girls on romantic comedies than with a bunch of dancing guys
  • The version released in the Philippines was full of “cuts” (or does it have something to do with poor editing, again?)
  • Cody Horn should stop pouting and start acting

On the other hand, this Hollywood film can pass as a chapter of “Accounting for Dummies.”

Moral lesson: good budgeting + entrepreneurial skills + sexy body = MAGIC.

In contrast to the ‘shirtless’ photos of Magic Mike’s cast on theatrical posters (and even on Metro Manila buses), here’s a formal group shot of the stars of this Chippendales-inspired Comedy/Drama film:

Magic Mike cast with clothes on

POST MOVIE MOMENT: I went window-shopping at Team Manila’s Marquee Mall outlet after watching the movie and the piped-in music was playing T-Pain’s “I’m N Luv (Wit A Stripper).” Coincidence.

People’s television

I guess the Twitter-inspired logo is a good sign that the government network, People’s Television, is geared to improve in the next coming years. I am happy that public officials (or those in charge of the network) finally appreciated the value of communication. From the establishment of the Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office to the major makeover of the Philippine Government website, the communication strategy of the current administration has hurdled issues on procurement of Blackberry phones and Apple computers and PNOY’s relationship with Grace Lee. Very promising indeed.

July 2012 logo of PTV 4

One attention-grabbing tourism music video became sort of viral this week. And I stand by my comment in response to Carlos Celdran’s post regarding the promotional video of Pagsanjan, Laguna:

I think the video is not that bad. I watched the video three times to analyze, well of course, the coming of Nicki Minaj had an effect on my judgement, hehe 😉 but generally, it is Ok – the music and the choice of shots. of course, we have see better promotional videos. The mayor really made an effort. there is still time to improve (maybe a better one will be released next year)

Pagsanjan Music Video ft. The Mayor

The death of Dolphy is really significant. After hearing the eulogies and watching all the tributes offered to him on TV, I’m sure that Filipinos will never forget his legacy. Read related post: https://earl1987.wordpress.com/2012/06/23/dolphy-days/

Among the channels of communication, television remains one of the most powerful. Truly, it’s the people’s television.

Burger and traffic

So KFC’s CheeseTop “Streetwise” ad parody on the Jimmy Kimmel show became a hit – thanks to Pinoy ingenuity. It is as effective as the the cathcy local TVC produced by TBWA\SMP (the Philippine Agency of the Year for 2010).  It made me want to taste the product soon. But this post isn’t totally dedicated to this marketing campaign.

Last Tuesday morning, it took me almost three hours to reach Makati City driving from my hometown. (I know others experienced worse) On a regular Saturday, it only takes half the travel time. And I heard a radio ad say, “Manila traffic is something we should live with.”

While choosing the right radio frequency to listen to and glancing at the bumper-to-bumper traffic in front of me along EDSA, I thought of some ways on how to be ‘streetwise’ in times of insanely heavy traffic:

1. Music. Just make sure that you choose the songs that will keep you awake. I prefer the rock alternatives or the ‘songs I grew up with’ and sing-along.

2. Overly wild imagination. Make fun of the things around you. Be entertained by the massive billboards. That’s their purpose.

3. Food (not drinks). Eat but don’t drink too much, or else, you’ll end up swerving and hating MMDA’s pink signpost that says “Huwag gumitgit, makakarating din kayo sa pupuntahan.”

4. Never check the time. You’ll get more impatient when you do. (Unless you are running late for an important meeting, better call it off)

5. Smile. It won’t hurt.

After reaching my destination, I gave myself a “big” treat – McDo’s Big N’ Tasty (although I expected it to be bigger):

It has been a very unhealthy “burger week” for me.
I have to control myself. This may be the effect of too much traffic and gloomy weather.