Time travel and rock-along

I was tapping my feet most of the time while watching the film adaptation of the Tony-nominated musical Rock of Ages. The movie experience was like going back to the year I was born and listening to songs which I (or actually, my dad) grew up with. With a great cast led by Tom Cruise as the legendary rockstar Stacee Jaxx, I am overwhelmed with the production which, I think, didn’t give  much of a theatrical feel compared to other musical-turned-film box office hits.

I just realized we’re like living in the 80’s right now. For me, the top three performances (that are so-2012ish) would be:

1. Hit Me With Your Best Shot – It’s like watching the critics of Lady Gaga clamoring for the cancellation of her show here in Manila.

2. Can’t Fight This Feeling – Bromance at its best! Even better than that of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

3. Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing – I’m sure the “Gleeks” loved this.

Too bad I missed Manila’s production led by Mig Ayesa.

7 out of 10 stars for this musical that is still timely and addresses the same issues that people faced back in the 80’s. Thanks for unleashing the ‘rock’ in my world of pop.


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