Handy sites unearthed

While cleaning up my hard drive and deleting some old files in my laptop, I saw a Word document with a file name “Super Websites.”

The file was modified last November 2010 during the time when I was taking up my Management Information Systems course (under Prof. Aracid of the AGSB). I have been maximizing the use of these sites for quite some time and I really find them helpful, especially for business enterprises.

Have you been sending your email or documents to your own email just to make sure you have your copy when you get home or you’re out of the office? You don’t have to do this anymore if you open a Dropbox account. Just make sure that you keep your password to yourself and don’t get annoyed by the pop-up of updates each time you edit a file or modify folders.


If you’re looking for an online marketing tool that allows you to send customized newsletter-type updates to your clients, this site comes in handy.

The ‘trial’ version of customer relationship management (CRM) platform will help you manage your customer database. Once you tried this one, I bet you’ll be tempted to sign-up.

This is a site which is useful for teachers who want to collaborate with fellow educators or students. At first, I compared it to Yahoo! Groups and the BlackBoard e-learning system. But the scope is wider and you can also customize contents for free.

And lastly, I was surprised to see Google Docs in the list. I remember an activity wherein we simultaneously edited a PowerPoint document as a class using our individual laptops. Back then, the experience was awesome

Part of the list is a PowerPoint add-on called Microsoft Mouse Mischief which is a powerful tool for interactive classroom discussions because this allows several ‘mouse’ units to be used all at the same time. Be ready for a ‘class click-athon.’

With these sites now published on my blog, I’ll be able to free up a bit of disc space (22.0KB) after deleting the Word document with my list of ‘Super Websites.’

They’re not super after all. Let’s just say- they’re quite handy!

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