Call Me Maybe

If over 41 million YouTube views, dozens of covers, several parodies and numerous lip-syncing are not enough to convince you that “Call Me Maybe”  video is now a hit sensation, then I don’t know what proof would do.

And this is crazy
Topping the radio charts is this song by Carly Rae Jepsen who is actually a singer from Vancouver, Canada. Thanks to social media, this pop song became a teen anthem with versions from known Hollywood celebrities, athletes, schoolgirls and YouTube sensations.

But here’s my number
Aside from the easy-to-follow beat mixed with pleasant synthesizers, the lines of the song are plain and socially relevant. It shows how easy it is for everyone today to give away a phone number. A simple ‘call’ can make a difference. (Now, there’s another hit song entitled “Pay Phone” right? Another is entitled “Telephone”)

Call Me Maybe
I would’ve persuaded my colleagues to shoot a video but pretty soon, another song would kick this out of the charts. By that time, call me maybe?

Click here: It’s More Fun In The Philippines version of Call Me Maybe


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