Holocaust Lessons

My heart became so heavy after watching “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas,” yesterday afternoon. This historical-drama film set during the time of the holocaust presents the story of two 8-year-old boys whose forbidden friendship led to a tragic ending at a World War II extermination camp.

Anybody who watches the film would definitely be moved by the actors’ facial expressions, delivery of lines and body movements. Although the storyline itself may utterly be unrealistic, it is can the core of the emotions of any viewer.

It is true that Jews are not being persecuted anymore nor are we in a worldwide war of sorts, but we are battling  out with some forces that threatens our values and social lives.

Before, propaganda. Now, media.
Before, Jewish persecution. Now, inequality (i.e. gender, class, religion, etc.)
Before, dictatorship. Now, massive consumerism dictated by capitalists.

It hasn’t been so different after all. Let us learn from the holocaust lessons.

“The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” is a 2008 film directed by Mark Herman and is based on a book by John Boyne.


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