Thor’s Day and Two Other Tales

Over dinner, my dad shared his thoughts on Marvel’s Thor after hearing my brother say that he just recently downloaded the said flick. For weeks I have been unable to air my reactions on the latest movies I watched, so here goes a triple take on “Thor”, “The Vanishing on 7th Street”, and “Limitless.”

Nordic lessons
The Norse mythology-inspired ‘Thor,’ which is the film adaption of the Marvel comic book, is probably one of the best movies of the first half of 2011 [expecting the last installment of Harry Potter to surpass this feat].  Australian actor Chris Hemsworth (of the soap opera “Home and Away” which I used to watch way back in college), was impressive in portraying the arrogant “God of Thunder.” Visually, the characters may look a bit different from their comic form. Needless to say, Natalie Portman did well as Thor’s modern-day ‘sexy geek’ love interest. What I liked most about the story is the emphasis on values. Aside from humility, the story portrayed friendship, loyalty, trust and love of family which are all significant in this age when kids need to be reminded of the importance of these traits. I’ll give an 8 ½ out of 10 for this film I regretted not to have watched on 3D.

Lights On
Until now, I still sleep with the lights on. Blame it on the movie The Vanishing on 7th Street starring Hayden Christensen. The horror-thriller film is notable since a few actors (three adults and one kid) were able to pull the whole story off. It’s interesting to know that there is a pinch of mystery in this movie. After returning home, I hurriedly researched about the enigmatic Roanoke Colony and the mysterious appearance of the word “Croatoan.” The ending may have left the viewers hanging, but overall, the movie’s message was clear – to appreciate the people around you while they are still around. This apocalyptic film is short but entertaining. Seven out of ten stars for this movie that surfaced the versatility of one of my favorite actors (from Moulin Rouge), John Leguizamo. All I have to do now is to “stay in the light.”

Pill Power
For almost two weeks last April, I thought I already missed this film my friend James has been blabbering about. Suddenly, while driving along Angeles City, I came across the “Now Showing” board of one mall and caught “Limitless.” This sci-fi action-thriller is about a pill that can make you rich and powerful by allowing your senses to become insanely active and makes you grasp every bit of information quickly. The story’s protagonist, Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) gets hold of the pill named NZT-48, which maximizes brain use. I wonder if we can actually do the same without the pill. The film is filled with action-packed scenes complete with gangster moves and bloody fights. I’ll give a score of 7 ½ out of 10 for this film which didn’t last long in Philippine cinemas.