Glued on crime drama

Last weekend, I joined my mom in watching a TV series on Diva Universal entitled “Covert Affairs” and I got hooked on it. Reasons for being glued:

  1. I mistakenly identified Kari Matchett (Joan Campbell) as Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe of Friends). I just miss “Friends” and Kari really looks like Lisa. And so my dad goes – “Yeah, she starred in Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion.” Ok, not really.
  2. Christopher Gorham playing a blind CIA agent is so cool – way cool-er than being Ugly Betty’s love interest.
  3. Peter Gallagher (the dream dad from The O.C.) is playing another “daddy” role and he’s still good at it.
  4. The lead actress, Piper Perabo, is good. You deserve the Golden Globe nomination.
  5. The title of the series itself is interesting.

I am not a fan of crime drama series. The advent of detective-type shows starting off with CSI (LA, Miami, NY), Bones, 24, and a cable channel full of crime/suspense became the platform for the revival of some good American TV stars. As for Covert Affairs, I easily get distracted since almost all of the actors starred in hit shows I previously tuned into. I can still identify them in their former roles. What a mix of talents!

This not-so-popular crime action/drama series aired in the US last year and is expected to launch is next season on May (according to the oh-so-reliable Wikipedia). I just realized I found a substitute for “Friends” and “The O.C.” Plus, I miss watching a TV series such as this. Target: Vampire Diaries marathon.


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