Turnaround Moment

Now I know how it feels to be the ‘garter guy.’

The irony is that I host weddings and I get to play around the chosen bachelors and single ladies whenever I host weddings, but this time, I’m the one who was selected by the ‘girl-who-got-the-bouquet.’ And the experience was totally nerve-wracking for a first-timer like me.

Everything happened during the wedding of my graduate school classmate Ronald Alderite last February 25. That special day for Ronald (and his wife Kristine Jimenez-Alderite) became historical, not only because it fell on the silver anniversary of EDSA People Power, but also because ‘twas the day when I experienced 15-minutes of limelight that was truly crazy and thrilling.

Thanks to the loud cheers of the people on table number 23 a.k.a. folks from the Ateneo, I now know first-hand how it feels to be the one on the other side of the coin. At first, I felt weird not being the one holding the microphone and calling out names or facilitating the game. I even told ‘wedding stories’ beforehand to my classmates; and it turned out that I’ll be telling another story next time.

To the newly-weds, thank you very much. Aside from the memorable experience, I really enjoyed the whole night. The church wedding was great, the choir singers were amazing, and the ceremony was lovely. What a cool reception as well! I was carried away by the songs chosen for your videos, especially when Train’s “If It’s Love” played. (You have picked all the modern love songs; I bet many of your visitors ran out of songs to use on their own weddings).

Soon, I will be hosting more weddings, and this turnaround moment made everything more exciting.

Again, congratulations and best wishes to Ronald and Kristine!

Click this link for the unforgettable OSV: http://bit.ly/k72pxg