Will the real Alex Pearce please stand up?

A thriller with a romantic twist – that’s the best description for “The Tourist” starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. This 103-minute movie set in Venice is for those who want to try a serious version of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Aside from Jolie’s attractive aura throughout the movie (not to mention her pouty lips), it is packed with exciting mystery scenes tangled with lines which are perfect for hopeless romantics.

The problem with Academy Award-winning directors such as von Donnersmarck is that they tend to overdo the movie. In this case, I admire the intricate cinematography (specifically when Depp was in dream-like state) and the flawless slow-motion scenes, but I am surprised when the cat-and-mouse chase becomes [a bit] slapstick; with Jolie banging a doughnut-shaped rubber boat on a gangster’s head, and Depp driving a speedboat to purposely hit an antagonist.

The story, on the other hand, is worth telling. It started with a CSI-type of storyline followed by non-stop mind-boggling episodes of “who is it?” and “will they get him?” adventures. As for the love angle, any love story set in Italy is like a scene pulled out of a dream. Although Depp and Jolie may lack the “umpf” as a silver screen couple, their good acting skills and delivery of lines pulled it off.

After doing a bit of research out of curiosity, I discovered that “Alexander Pearce” (Depp’s character) really is a thief of European descent. It also seems that the book “The Berlin Vendetta by Charles Torbett,” being read by Depp’s character, turns out to be a fake one. Google can really be of big help these days.

6 out of 10 for the first movie I saw this year. Try it.

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