Free Will

While having lunch with two workmates, a segment of ABS-CBN’s defunct Alas Singko Y Medya (evolved into Umagang Kay Ganda) flashed back as we talked about the iconic astrologer Zenaida Seva, who always says: “Hindi hawak ng mga bitwin ang ating kapalaran, gabay lamang sila; meron tayong sariling free-will, gamitin natin ito.” (We simultaneously recited the line as if it was a mantra from a spell book!)

I have a colleague who frequently checks her horoscope. Her daily routine includes reading the horoscope column in broadsheets and eventually exclaiming, “Hey, they just got this from the Internet!” or “Crap! This is just a reprint of last week’s (or worse, yesterday’s) horoscope!” And so she made me a bit more interested about astrology.

According to the star signs, I am a Sagittarian. Susan Miller made a good forecast for me this month. Surprisingly, most of the things stated in my January horoscope seem to fall in place. I wonder if the findings are too general that they can be applied to any star sign, or I am too immersed with my life that I seem to apply them to everything I do.  I read my horoscope once in a while and knowingly or unknowingly, I use it as a guide. Let me dissect:

Huge changes in your cash flow are going on now.
— Isn’t this applicable to everybody?

December 31 / January 1 may end a source of income. Don’t worry. January 15 may bring in a new way to make money.
— Because it’s pay day!

Love and travel appear to be linked: all month.
— Like!

Alternatively, you may take a seminar, set of classes, or even a major exam near the full moon January 30.
— I have no choice, I have MBA classes.

Romance will be best: January 2, 10, 16, 20, 21, 26, 30, and 31.
— Cheesy!

Month’s end would also be the moment to spend a little time on your appearance.
— I’ll schedule a haircut!

Maybe it’s easier if I use my free will.


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