Seven Dragon Balls

dragonball-evolution-02I can’t help but laugh when my friend sings ‘Cha-la head cha-la’ – the lines from the theme song of Dragon Ball. The animated Japanese series “Dragon Ball” was one of my favourites when I was a kid. After so many years, 20th Century Fox finally got the rights to produce a live movie out of the interesting and action-packed story of Goku.

I laughed when Piccolo showed up during the first part of the film. Flashbacks came and I kept on smiling while reminiscing my childhood days throughout the movie’s duration. The actors, led by Justin Chatwin (Goku), fit their roles.  It is Yun-Fat Chow (Master Roshi) who is able to successfully support his fellow characters in the acting side (since some of them act like amateurs).

Good thing the special effects were great to cover up the not-so-good storyline. The plot generally follows that of Dragon Ball’s animated version but the twists and love angle aren’t presented that well. Movie-goers aged below 15 would love this movie. Adults may find the story shallow. Well, I think the movie is really for the kids and if I were one, I would’ve enjoyed the whole one hour or so.
Number Seven
What’s with the number seven? And I consider seven as my lucky number. There are seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit, seven Deadly Sins, and other ‘seven’ stuff. Since I was born on the 7th day of December, the number is close to my heart. My student number in college had 7 on it. I requested that the last number of my car plate should have the number 7. I came in at 7th place to qualify for a national competition in high school. My email address ends in seven. Here’s some interesting info about the number 7:

Why am I saying these things about the number seven? Because there are SEVEN DRAGON BALLS.

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