Ah, Macau!

The four days and three nights we spent in Macau were quite challenging for me and my mom. We had no idea what was in store for us (well, aside from the unbelievable ‘ruins’ which was the highlight of every Macau trip).

On the first day, we roamed around the streets of Senado. Me and my mom dropped by every store which had a “Sale” sign on and we were lucky to have found some good items (Crocs, Izod and Giordano) at very low prices. We bumped onto several Filipina sales ladies who were kind enough to help us out since I found no one who understands English – no one! Our whole trip became a series of communication gaps and plastered smiles. I wonder why nobody told us to study Cantonese.

By the 21st of March, we had a whole day tour of the city. It was a race against time since we had to visit a lot of places although each destination were just a stone’s throw away from each other (Macau is small, very small!). After visiting the usual tourist sites – the Ecumenical Center, old churches, souvenir shops A-ma Temple, Grand Prix area, and revisiting Senado Square (way too popular!), we came back to our hotel (The Grand Emperor) battling our way out of a crowd of tourists taking pictures of the gold bars found at the hotel lobby (yes, we’re just stepping on them!).

The third day was a marathon! Me and my mom decided to take a taxi and go to Taipa Island. We visited The Venetian. It was a very splendid sight! Builders of The Venetian copied the iconic landmarks in Venice. Too bad we weren’t able to ride a gondola, but I enjoyed the scenery (breathtaking!) along with the classical background music. After that, we went to the Fisherman’s Wharf were we met more Filipinos. At night, we watched a Taiwanese performance across our hotel and took pictures of the bright and colorful Casino facades.

Personal Macau Notes:

·Streets are one-way. Good, disciplined drivers everywhere!

·Riding a taxi is similar to a race car driving experience (blame the Macau Grand Prix!)

·Car brands seen: BMW, Toyota, Honda… and more BMWs (plus a few MB’s)

·Funny Q&A:

Mom: Is this delicious?

Saleslady: 25 dollars!

·Historical sites in the Philippines are far more realistic

·You’ll get that “Portuguese” feel wherever you are

·McDonald’s = palatable food

By the way, according to our cool tour guide, the name “Macau” was derived from early settlers who introduced the area as A-Ma-Gao (Bay of A-Ma).I prefer, Ah, Macau!


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